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About Me


How did I get started?

Too many injuries (thanks, Competitive Dance & Cheer!), and a whole lot of boredom (how many more sets?!?) That's what brought me to my 1st Pilates session, way back in 1990.  I fell in love with The Method, studied & got certified. I've had the pleasure of learning from the best like, Michele Larsson, Jill Cassady, Zoë Hagler and Joan Breibart. 

Challenging and supplementing my Pilates education with other forms of Fitness Training have kept me excited about teaching!  Even during my decades as an actor in film, TV, and commercials, I've always kept an active training business going. I love that my roster of clients has included people at every fitness level...from nationally competing athletes, to weekend warriors,

to exercise avoiders! 

Now in my 30th year of teaching, I've found that specializing in Customized Programs that integrate the best techniques from Pilates, Physical Therapy, Personal Training, and Barre deliver the fastest, most effective results.

Are you recovering from an injury or surgery?   

Have surgery pending? 

The body heals as a whole and using my approach before and after your procedure means a faster recovery for you!  

I'm happy to work with your doctor or physical therapist to get you back in action.

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